Scagha JO13-1


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Programma JO13

07-09-201818:45Scagha'66 JO13Reigerboys MO13-1Spartahal3-4
14-09-201819:15HV/Veerhuys JO13-1Scagha'66 JO13-1Vredehof7-0
21-09-201819:00Marlene JO13-2Scagha'66 JO13-1de Draai4-3
28-09-201819:00Scagha'66 JO13-1Marlene JO13-1Groeneweghal1-7
05-10-201819:00Limmen JO13-1Scagha'66 JO13-1de Enterij4-4
12-10-201819:00HV/Veerhuys JO13-2Scagha'66 JO13-1Groeneweghal7-1
02-11-201819:00f.c. Lesley Boys Jo13-1Scagha'66 JO13-1GroeneweghalAfg.
09-11-201818:30Reigerboys MO13-1Scagha'66 JO13-1Waardegolf3-7
16-11-201819:00Scagha'66 JO13-1HV/Veerhuys JO13-1GroeneweghalAfg.
23-11-201819:00Marlene JO13-1Scagha'66 JO13-1de Draai9-2
30-11-201818:30HV/Veerhuys JO13-1Scagha'66 JO13-1de Kreek4-6
07-12-201819:00Scagha'66 JO13-1Limmen JO13-1Groeneweghal6-3
14-12-201819:15HV/Veerhuys JO13-2Scagha'66 JO13-1Vredehof3-7
11-01-201919:00Scagha'66 JO13-1HV/Veerhuys JO13-1Spartahal
18-01-201919:55Scagha'66 JO13-1Marlene JO13-2Spartahal
25-01-201919:55f.c. Lesley boys JO13-1Scagha'66 JO13-1Bijlmer
01-02-201919:00Scagha'66 JO13-1Marlene JO13-1Spartahal
08-02-201919:00Scagha'66 JO13-1Reiger boys JO13-1Spartahal
15-02-201919:00Scagha'66 JO13-1f.c. Lesley Boys JO13-1Spartahal
01-03-201919:00Scagha'66 JO13-1f.c. Lesley Boys JO13-1Spartahal
08-03-201919:00Limmen JO13-Scagha'66 JO13-1de Enterij
15-03-201919:00Scagha'66 JO13-1HV/Veerhuys JO13-2Spartahal
22-03-201919:00Marlene JO13-2Scagha'66 JO13-1de Draai

Stand JO13

Marlene JO13-11027
HV/Veerhuys JO13-1924
f.c. Lesley Boys JO13-1918
Limmen JO13-11014
Marlene JO13-21011
HV/Veerhuys JO13-297
Scagha'66 JO13-184
Reigerboys MO13-193