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Programma JO11

05-09-201819:15HZV/Het Vennewater JO13-1Scagha'66 JO11-1Het Vennewater5-0
10-09-201819:00Scagha'66 JO11-1HV/Veerhuys JO11-1Waldervaart3-7
17-09-201819:00Scagha'66 JO11-1Vennewater Jo11-1Waldervaart3-5
26-09-201819:00White Stones JO11-1Scagha'66 JO11-1de Watertoren1-11
01-10-201819:00Scagha'66 JO11-1Marlene JO11-1Waldervaart12-1
12-10-201819:15ZA/Bleudesk Internet JO11-1Scagha'66 JO11-1Hoornse Vaart1-7
02-11-201819:15HV/Veerhuys JO11-1Scagha'66 JO11-1de Kreek12-1
05-11-201819:00Scagha'66 JO11-1White Stones JO11-1Waldervaart16-1
16-11-201819:00Marlene JO11-1Scagha'66 JO11-1de Draai2-4
19-11-201819:00Scagha'66 JO11-1ZA/Bleudesk Internet JO11-1Waldervaart8-4

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Vennewater JO11-11028
HV/Veerhuys JO11-1922
Scagha JO11-11018
Marlene JO11-1109
ZA/Bleudesk Internet JO11-1109
White Stones JO11-190