Scagha 2


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KNVB 2e klasse A

Programma / Uitslagen 2017-2018

15-09-201721:05Flevo 1Scagha'66 24-1
Scagha'66 2LZVV/Sport 2000 19-3
JVC 1Scagha'66 25-1
20:00OZV Opdam 1Scagha'66 23-2
13-10-201721:50Scagha'66 2Pellor 22-1
03-11-201721:30Scagha'66 2
Salao'85 12-1
10-11-201720:40FC OA Klink/De Kasteleen 1Scagha'66 2
17-11-201721:50Scagha'66 2
Niedorp ZVV 12-4
24-11-201720:55Apollo 68 1Scagha'66 2
29-11-201719:20Texel'94 3Scagha'66 22-4
08-12-201721:50Scagha'66 2Zeemacht 23-9
12-01-201821:30Scagha'66 2Flevo 1Afgelast
19-01-201821:05LZVV/Sport 2000 1Scagha'66 21-11
02-02-201821:30Scagha'66 2Apollo 68 15-6
09-02-201821:30Scagha'66 2OZV Opdam 17-3
16-02-201821.35Pellor 2Scagha'66 23-5
23-02-201821:30Scagha'66 2JVC 13-2
16-03-201821:50Scagha'66 2FC OA Klink/De Kasteleen 11-4
23-03-201820:40Niedorp ZVV 1Scagha'66 27-6
06-04-201819:40Scagha'66 2Texel '94 31-4
20-04-201819:30Zeemacht 2Scagha'66 23-5