Scagha JO15-2

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Sponsor Scagha JO15-2


Programma Scagha JO15-2

19:00Scagha'66 JO15-2SRC JO15-1Spartahal4-0
21-09-201819:00Succes JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-2Wieringen1-7
24-09-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-2SRC JO15-1Waldervaart6-3
04-10-201819:00Salao'85/Regiobank JO15-2Scagha'66 JO15-2Groeneweghal3-13
08-10-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-2N.Niedorp JO15-1Spartahal8-1
16-11-201819:00De Ruif JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-2Harenkarspelhal2-12
19-11-201819:40Scagha'66 JO15-2Salao'85/Regiobank JO15-1Waldervaart20-3
03-12-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-2Succes JO15-1Spartahal6-1
12-12-201819:00SRC JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-2Spartahal0-11
17-12-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-2Salao'85/Regiobank JO15-2Spartahal10-1
07-01-201919:00NNiedorp JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-2Niedorphal
25-01-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-2De Ruif JO15-1Spartahal
28-01-201919:00 (beker)Scagha'66 JO15-2Wieringermeer JO15-1Spartahal
04-02-201919:00Salao'85 JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-2Spartahal
15-02-201919:00Succes JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-2Wieringen
26-02-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-2SRc JO15-1Groeneweghal
01-03-201919:00Sparta'67 JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-2Multitreffer
13-03-201919:00Salao'85 JO15-2Scagha'66 JO15-2Spartahal
21-03-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-2Sparta'67 JO15-1Groeneweghal

Stand JO15-2

Scagha'66 JO15-2412
Sparta'67 JO15-139
Nieuwe Niedorp JO15-159
SRC JO15-147
Succes JO15-147
De Ruif JO15-146
Saloa'85 JO15-143
Zeemacht JO15-130
Saloa'85 JO15-250