Scagha JO15-1


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Programma JO15-1

03-09-2019 (beker SZVV)19:15 De Ruif JO15-2Scagha'66 JO15-1Harenkarspelhal0-10
07-09-201818:45Scagha'66 JO15-1White Stones JO15-1Groeneweghal3-2
14-09-201820:30Marlene JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1De Draai6-0
21-09-201819:00asv Lebo JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1Calvijn0-13
28-09-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-1Arch.buro Nieuweboer JO15-1Spartahal4-1
05-10-201819:15f.c. Lesley Boys JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1Bijlmer Sportcentrum3-5
12-10-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-1Vennewater JO15-1Groeneweghal5-1
02-11-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-1Marlene JO15-2Groenweghal3-3
09-11-201820:10HV/Veerhuys JO15-2Scagha'66 JO15-1De Kreek2-0
16-11-201819:45Scagha'66 JO15-1Vennewater JO15-2Groeneweghal9-0
23-11-201819:00Scagha'66 JO15-1HV/Veerhuys JO15-1Groeneweghal3-4
07-12-201819:45JVC JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1Quelderduyn2-4
14-12-201818:45White Stones JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1de Dres0-6
11-01-201919:15Vennewater JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1het Vennewater
18-01-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-1Marlene JO15-1Groeneweghal
25-01-201919:15Arch.buro Nieuweboer JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1de Dars
01-02-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-1asv Lebo JO15-1Groeneweghal
08-02-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-1f.c. Lesley boys Jo15-1Groeneweghal
01-03-201920:00HV/Veerhuys JO15-1Scagha'66 JO15-1Vredehof
08-03-201920:00Marlene JO15-2Scagha'66 JO15-1de Draai
15-03-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-1HV/Veerhuys JO15-1Groeneweghal
22-03-201920:10Vennewater JO15-2Scagha'66 JO15-1het Vennewater
29-03-201919:00Scagha'66 JO15-1JVC JO15-1Groeneweghal

Stand JO15-1

Fc Marlene JO15-11028
HV/Veerhuys JO15-11022
Scagha'66 JO15-11022
Vennewater JO15-11021
JVC JO15-11016
f.c. Lesley Boys JO15-11012
HV/Veerhuys JO15-21011
Arch.buro Nieuweboer JO15-11010
White Stones JO15-11010
Vennewater JO15-2109
Fc Marlene JO15-2107
asv Lebo JO15-1104