Scagha 1


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KNVB Topklasse A

Programma / Uitslagen 2017-2018

Scagha 66 1
15-09-201722:00asv LEBO 2Scagha ´66 17-7
22-09-201721:00Scagha 66 1Anatolia 115-1
29-09-201720:50Counters (The) 1Scagha 66 11-4
06-10-201722:00Os Lusitanos 1Scagha 66 16-3
13-10-201720:50Scagha 66 1ZVV Zwaag3-5
27-10-2017 (beker)21:05Team Alkmaar 1Scagha 66 14-6
03-11-201720:30Scagha 66 1Vios´79 16-0
10-11-201721:05Golden Stars FC 1Scagha 66 16-3
17-11-201720:50Scagha 66 1JCK/AISO 17-3
24-11-201720:40De Ruif 1Scagha 66 12-7
08-12-201720:50Scagha 66 1ZVV Chabab5-4
15-12-201721:10Kondo Budjang FC 1Scagha 66 13-5
12-01-201820:30Scagha 66 1asv Lebo 27-5
19-01-201821:00Anatolia 1Scagha 66 16-8
02-02-201820:30Scagha 66 1De Ruif 16-2
09-02-201820:30Scagha 66 1Os Lusitanos 16-7
16-02-201821:05ZVV Zwaag 1Scagha 66 15-8
23-02-201820:30Scagha 66 1Counters (The) 17-2
09-03-201820:40Vios´79 1Scagha 66 11-6
16-03-201820:50Scagha 66 1Golden Stars FC 16-2
23-03-201821:05JCK/AISO 1Scagha 66 12-4
06-04-201820:35Scagha 66 1Kondo Budjang FC 18-5
20-04-201820:30ZVV ChababScagha 66 11-6


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